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Nail Art Course
Best course to kickstart your Nail Art journey. Build a solid foundation, a stunning portfolio and learn a variety of techniques in nail artistry. All by doing.
Transform yourself into a professional nail artist
Learn Latest Trends
Learn coveted techniques and skills used by the world’s best Nail Artists and Manicurists.
Become an Airblack Certified Nail Artist
Unlock infinite opportunities. Make your brand a heavyweight with a certificate from Asia's largest live learning platform for passion skills.
Become a Beauty Entrepreneur
Start your own salon or kickstart your freelance business as an advanced Nail artist as per industry trends and global techniques.
Get access to Club Benefits
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Not just another class
A new kind of online class. In our do-it-together modules, you create the nail art together with our experts in real time and experience learning in a whole new way.
Latest looks and techniques
taught by nail artists across the world.
Watch again & practice
Get recording access till the end of your membership to practice
Your own beauty portfolio
Build your exclusive beauty portfolio and share it with your friends and clients to get more oppurtunities.
We are a match made in heaven if you are a
Nail Art Enthusiast
who just loves everything about Nail art or are looking to get started.
Content Creator
who wants to take their Beauty portfolio a notch above.
Working Professional
who wants to learn for their own self or start freelancing on the side.
who aspire to add Nail Art as a skill to their portfolio
Passionate Nail Artist
who wants to upgrade skills and launch their own Salon.
who wants to think of getting started as a Nail Artist.
who wishes to kickstart their journey as a Nail Art freelancer or open home salon.
Creative professional
who think of the world in creative ways.
Learn step by step in our detailed curriculum
across 7 weeks
1. Orientation
Overview about Airblack, batch networking, understanding core offerings and features.
2. Theory of Nail Art & Craft + Build Your Own Nail Kit
You will learn about the tools & supplies that are required, product & brand knowledge, nail & hand care, how to build your own nail kit & application techniques
3. Working with Natural Nails
Learn how to ace working on your natural nails & how to make them last longer.
4. Gel Based Extensions
Tips & tricks and how to ace gel based nail extensions.
5. Creative Nail Art on Natural Nails
Tips and tricks on how to use nail art brushes, designs & how to work with nail polishes.
6. Mix Art with Modern Techniques
Let’s bring some modern art to your nail design and learn more about mixing art & modern techniques that are out there.
7. Introduction to Acrylics & Q/A Session
Learning in detail everything that you need to know about acrylic nails.
8. Advanced Acrylic Set with Accessories & Rhinestones
Whether you love metallic shine or cutesy little floral designs on your nails, learn Rhinestones/Acrylic application on nails - in the perfect way!
9. All About The Press on Nails
Learn how to create, size, package and sell the perfect long lasting Press on Nails.
10. Glitter Ombre Nails
Learn ombre nails featuring two colors smoothly graduating into each other.
11. Removal and Refilling of Extensions
Understand the nuances of nail art removal and refilling in detail and also learn how to groom and maintain extensions for a long lasting usage.
12. Business Session: How to start my nail art career
Give your career a boost as a Professional Nail Artist.
13. Final Exam
Test your knowledge of the course, ace your final exam and come out top of the class!
15 Jun - 30 Jul, 2023
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09 : HRS.
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In the next 6 to 8 weeks, start creating spectacular nail arts like these
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What is Airblack Beauty Club?

Airblack Beauty Club is India’s largest platform for learning makeup and beauty skills online. Starting at ₹ 24000, Airblack Beauty Club’s programs are targeted towards millions of women who have a passion for makeup and beauty and are looking to start a salon, launch their freelance service or just casually upgrade their makeup skills.